Residential: General & Deep Cleaning 

Your home is your palace and deserves to be treated as such. A good, deep, and thorough cleaning are just what you need to feel happy and healthy once more while lounging on your couch with your family and pets. From deep in your carpets to the top corners of your ceiling, our team will make sure to cover every inch and detail of your home to perfection. Call now to book!
Residential: General & Deep Cleaning

Coronavirus Sanitization

We take preventive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 by ensuring your home and commercial spaces are sanitized and hygienic. We steam and disinfect areas such as walls, doors, light switches, doorknobs, and other commonly touched surfaces.
Residential: General & Deep Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning is specifically designed for offices, workspaces, restaurants, and organizations. While many other companies see commercial cleaning as an opportunity to provide a quick sweep through as a professional service, our commercial cleaning service is a step above the rest. We don’t just clean. We Clean2 The Max!
Commercial Cleaning

Professional quality cleaning with a personal touch.

Carpet & Floors Carpet Cleaning

Everyone’s health is important, so make sure your carpets and floors don’t hold onto nasty dust, dirt, bacteria, and more. Many times, even clean-looking carpets are holding onto pollutants. We utilize the necessary equipment and cleaning agents to clean and revitalize your carpets. Call today with your carpet measurements and requirements, and let our team provide you with a quote.
Carpet Cleaning

Buffing & Sanding Floors

If your tile or hardwood floors look lifeless and dull, our buffing and sanding options are perfect for you! Hardwood is meant to last a lifetime, and the colors and grains of each wood enhance the beauty of any room. So let our team give a shine and new life to your floors. Give us a call! We’re more than happy to answer your questions. Clean2 The Max Cleaning Service's
Buffing and Sanding Floors

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